The Chosen of Asgrim

On the Lap of Dumathoin
After being convinced to help the dwarf Bljorff and his missing brother Bljarff combat a terrible threat to their home kingdom of Sunder, the wizard Olan Bluescarr used his powerful magic to deposit the party somewhere there in the middle of the night.

While rooting around in the dark the party came across a trio of headless dwarves sitting on the ground in the forest with no signs of violence or blood upon them.

A few hundred yards away a wagon was discovered on the side an overgrown stone road. It had one wheel missing as well as one horse from its draft team. The party also discovered a body of a guard with a hairy mass sitting on his shoulder. The mass turned out to be the head of a dwarf apparently feeding on the blood of the guard with a long stinger-tipped tongue. As well it appeared that the dwarf’s entrails were still attached to the head and wrapped tightly around its victim’s body.

The party quickly attacked the horror, but any wounds inflicted upon it healed immediately until Bjorn stepped forward and swung the Jotun Hammer and struck the creature so hard it spun out of sight.

As the sun began to rise, Tyr could tell that they were on the escarpment known as the Lap of Dumathoin overlooking his homeland of the Bramblewood Forest. to the north east the party could see sooty smoke billowing in huge clouds that wafted out towards a far off town in the distance. Bjorn could tell that the smoke was coming from a coal fire.

Many useful things were found in the wagon and Swen tried his best to unlock a heavy chest, but he tripped a trap and was blinded by an acidic spray. He used up his last healing slugs to restore his sight.

After investigating the goods in the wagon the party decided to find the broken wheel and head west along the road they found themselves on. Swen and Jaehaerus spied the wheel and a body of another guard on separate ledges down the face of the Laps’ cliff.

Swen climbed down to retrieve the wheel and discovered a cave entrance in the cliff face with hints of finished stone work within.

Further search back on the Lap revealed a fast moving creek to the west that swept over the cliff edge at a point where a stout dwarven guard tower stood.

There was a discussion about which way to go when a 10 ft tall metal automaton carrying a large hammer came into sight from the west and closed into attack. A few of the party could see what looked like ropey red veins entwined around the metal hulk bearing down on them.

The party engaged the creature but all weapons bounced off it except for Bjorn’s Jotuun Hammer. Astrid then discovered that flaming arrows caused the strange veins on the creature to creature wither away from the flames and falter slightly in it’s movements. Between her arrows and Bjorn’s hammer strikes they were able to reduce the creature to a pile of bloodied metal.

As the party caught their breath they again discussed which direction to go.

Contents of the wagon:

A broken longsword: Wrapped in burlap with a small sack tied to it. 7 x Logs of precious Grey Cornel Wood; Three Barrels of Sky River Mead; 5 Bolts of Cloth; A Trapped Chest: contains coins; Ovus Cheese; Tobacco; 4 Casks of Water; Flint and Steel; 2 weeks worth of Iron Rations for six people; 2 hatchets; 2 hooded lanterns; 2 × 50 ft rope; 1 x pot and fry pan; butcher knife; 1 x Tent for 4 persons; 3 x bedrolls; 3 x fur blankets; 2 × 10 ft poles; 3 x spears; 2 x small shields; 1 x short sword; 2 x chain mail shirts; 3 x metal helmets; 1 x crossbow; 6 x silver tipped crossbow bolts; 1 x silver holy symbol of Asgrim; 2 x weeks horse feed; An Empty Cage – broken open; and A chest filled with small purple snail-like shells.
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